US 1 Industries, Inc. is an investment company specializing in trucking and logistics. We provide risk management, regulatory compliance, safety, information technology and financial services to small, independent businesses and owner operators we invest in and partner with. We promote integrity and performance while focusing on our customer's needs throughout our entire organization.

  • David Antonson (President)
  • Harold Antonson (Chief Financial Officer)

US 1 Code of Ethics


Photo of Don Lucchesi & Mike Cavanaugh, US 1 Logistics

"Since 2005, we have recognized the value US 1 Industries brings to our company. We consider them a valued member of the US 1 Logistics team and consult with them often. They have exceptional knowledge of our business and I'm proud to say their integrity and loyalty should make them our business partners for many years to come."

Don Lucchesi & Mike Cavanaugh, US 1 Logistics

Photo of Ron Faherty, ARL Network

"US 1 Industries has played a vital role in the success of ARL Network. We truly value the relationship that has been built between our two companies. US 1 Industries provides a professional service combined with a winning attitude that meets customer expectations."

Ron Faherty, ARL Network