Trucking & Brokerage Agents

With trucking agencies experiencing increased demands for their services, US 1’s affiliates and partners have plenty of agent opportunities to offer.  If you've ever thought about running your own trucking company as a trucking agent, now is the time to give it serious consideration. If you've got what it takes to run a profitable business, we'd like to talk with you.  Affiliates and partners of US 1 Industries are thriving and growing and they are actively recruiting aggressive new partners to expand their reach. They offer you the backing of a solid, proven company and resources to help qualified agents get started on their way to financial independence. Contact us today to see what kind of opportunities we can offer! http://us1industries.com/contact-us/  - If you would like to talk to a representative about which affiliate or partner may be right for you - please call 219-476-1338. 

Our affiliates and partners offer a variety of customized deals for all agents. 

Below are a few common services our affiliates and partners provide our agents.

  •     Fuel discounts for owner operators.  
  •     Strong and Easy to use proprietary Web Based Software System - full dispatch system, settlements and invoicing all integrated seamlessly.
  •     Intermodal trucking Agents and Contractors are paid weekly
  •     Long-term financial strength and backing of a solid independent trucking company
  •     Strong Safety Focus to run background checks and ensure drivers operate in compliance with new CSA standards.
  •     Credit checks of Customers to prevent you from having chargebacks.
  •     Expertise in Intermodal, Brokerage and Transportation.

Call us today to discuss which affiliate or partner is the best fit for you and your agency.  219-476-1338.

Owner-Operators and Fleet Drivers

US 1 Industires’ affiliates and partners are always looking for more owner-operators to increase our capacity to haul freight.  We have opportunities across the United States for Intermodal, Local Drayage, LTL, Van, Reefer, and Flatbed operators.

Please contact us to find out more about what we can offer! http://us1industries.com/contact-us/


Here at US1 Industries, we have the resources to develop unique strategies and ownership structures to further enhance your business, including set-up of new entities with a shared ownership structure. 

Some items to consider:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements can be positioned to review business opportunities
  • Business Plan Development Assistance
  • Established Insurance and Benefits Plans
  • Processes and Software Systems in place for banking, fuel, and additional administrative functionalities.